Transforming Leadership

Managing Partner

Transforming Leadership

Managing Partner

I work with companies, that

    • need to manage complex transformation and integration processes.
    • aim to achieve ambitious growth and profit targets.
    • strive to build an outstanding corporate and leadership culture.

I work with
people who

    • Want to actively shape change and transformation – strategically organisationally or personally.
    • seek constructive feedback, inspiring dialogue and new ways of thinking.
    • expect a sounding board at eye level with whom they can share their thoughts and find solutions.

Leadership is a social process.

Klaus Ewerth



I support you to boost your effectiveness as a leader and achieve outstanding result.

Leadership Advisory & Leadership Coaching

I offer a constructive dialogue at C-suite level to create clarity in complex challenges, realize strengths and capabilities, define next goals and successfully implement specific actions.

Transition Coaching

Top executives live in a world of permanent change and unpredictable challenges. 

Times of change may create pressure and uncertainty, but may also offer new perspectives and opportunities.

Changes in the ownership structure, supervisory board or C-suite may require a significant recalibration. Embracing personal or organisational  change as an opportunity maybe challenging even for experienced C-Suite leaders.

I support executives in transition processes to explore all options for action and to find clarity for their own decisions

Executive On-Boarding & Integration

For C-suite executives, the first three to six months are a particularly critical phase. Ideally, the  foundation for successful work in the following years is laid during this time.

A crucial challenge for leaders who join a new organisation is to establish relationships of trust and effective communication with the key stakeholders.

I offer individual coaching tailored to the specific situation to help new C-level executives make most of this critical phase.

Leadership Reflection – 1 day off-site

I support you to further develop your effectiveness as a leader and achieve your most ambitious goals.



Only when companies are able to build high-performing leadership teams will they achieve outstanding results.

I use my years of experience as a leadership advisor to support C-Suite teams improve their performance and consistent alignment with the organization’s strategy and goals.

Coaching of C-Suite teams includes:



Organisations and leaders permanently need to adapt to change and unexpected challenges.

Leading the organization and organizing leadership

A leadership organization not only defines the tasks of individual managers but also mirrors the corporate culture.   

Transformation and integration processes involve a wide variety of challenges, such as establishing a new culture, adapting processes and structures, or deploying the right employees in the right functions. Moreover it is crucial that changes and altered expectations are communicated effectively.

People & Culture Due Diligence

Mergers & Acquisitions are only successful if new teams can work together effectively. Issues in the leadership organization or a poor corporate culture are the most common reasons for unsuccessful integration processes.

A People & Culture Due Dilligence produces transparency and clarity both prior to the deal and in PMI processes and creates the foundation for substantial people-related decisions. 

I support my clients both before and after a merger in analyzing and evaluating other management cultures, identifying potential conflicts in top management, anticipating resistance and retaining top performers.

Retention Counselling & Retention Analysis©

Retaining top talent in the company has a direct impact on the company’s performance. A high fluctuation in the leadership team causes significant damage such as higher cost, a loss of intellectual property, customers or reputation.

For more than 20 years I have been familiar with motivation patterns and motivational structures of C-Suite executives and with the reasons why executives resign from their organisations.

In addition to the view from the outside and benchmarking with the relevant market, retention counselling offers specific recommendations for concepts and measures to motivate top performers and keep them in the company.

A company must be resonant to be successful.

Klaus Ewerth

... About me ...

For more than 20 years, I have been advising companies on the design of their leadership organization as well as the development of top executives and their teams. During these years I have lived in Berlin, Paris, Munich, Frankfurt, London and Hamburg. I have worked in Europe and the USA.

Today, I work with clients across Europe and also serve on supervisory and advisory boards for people and leadership related issues.

I am a Mastered Executive Coach, trained by Meyler Campbell in London. Meyler Campbell is one of the world’s leading business coaching organisations and works closely together with the Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard University. The Mastered program is accredited by the Association for Coaching and the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches and has been awarded the European Quality Award by the EU.

In my early years at university, Leadership was already the topic of my master’s thesis, after I had experienced what leadership means under the extreme conditions of a submarine crew.

I subsequently worked in investment banking at UBS in London and as a strategy consultant at A.T.Kearney in Munich. After three years at RussellReynolds Associates in London, I became a Managing Partner at Civitas International in 2004 and have been a co-founder and Managing Partner of “The Human Impact Group” since 2020.

I graduated with an M.A. in Sociology, Politics and History from Hamburg University and later completed my M.B.A. at ESCP Business School in Paris.

I am a Fellow of the Institute of Coaching at McLean/Harvard Medical School and a regular participant in Mobius Leadership’s Next Practice Institute in Boston.

I am happily married with two grown sons and am a passionate musician and active jazz and gospel singer. I prefer to spend my free time with my family at the North Sea, with band rehearsals, playing golf or good – really good books.